How to find the IP address for your Ubiquiti access point?

Whether you are trying to find the IP address of a new Ubiquiti access point or one that you just simply forgot what you set its IP to, this quick guide will show you how to find the device on your network. If you have a new AP then it should already be set to from the factory unless that ip address is taken on your network.

Step 1: Download Ubiquiti locator

You can download the ubiquiti locator program here. Be sure to unzip the file. To run this program you need to have Windows and the latest version of JAVA installed.

Step 2: Run the program

Run Ubiquiti Locator

Once you have unzipped the file contents, click on the program file as outline in the picture below.

Step 3: Locate the IP address

Ubiquiti Locator Program Window

If you have JAVA properly installed, then you should see a program window like the one pictured below. There you will find the IP address of the AP radio. You can type that in to your browser to open up the admin page as pictured below. If you are unable to open the admin page by entering the IP, then you must not have the same subnet. Be sure to have a network that is of the 192.168.1.X scheme if you are connecting to the AP using its default IP of

login page