Using a Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 in Wireless Bridge mode

This configuration file allows a Ubiquiti NanoStation M5 to operate in Wireless Bridge mode:


  • this is not a recommendation or endorsement of the above device for suitability in a particular environment. Be sure to perform wireless site surveys to determine what equipment and antennas are required for your particular settings. 
  • the configuration files and notes are provided for convenience, but Teradek does not provide direct support for this device or other third party products.

Use cases

  • Sphere is connected to an existing network with a router and you only need Wi-Fi access for iOS device stitching / monitoring
  • if you also need live streaming, the existing router must have Internet access; the Internet access cannot be provided by the NanoStation M5 while in Wireless Bridge mode


1. Turn on Sphere PoE
2. Connect Sphere PoE jack to either NanoStation M5 Ethernet port (Primary or Secondary)
3. Connect one of the remaining available Ethernet ports on the Sphere or the NanoStation to a local router /  Internet-connected network

Network Settings

Admin username: ubnt
Admin password: teradek

Wi-Fi SSID: Teradek Sphere Bridge
Wi-Fi Password: teradek360

Channel/Frequency: 20 MHz, auto select between standard US 5 GHz channels (Incl. DFS)

Access Point (AP) IP address:

WAN (Primary) port: N/A
DHCP Server: disabled (network mode is bridge, AirMax disabled)

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